SD 60 District Maps

There are several maps that can give you an idea of what our political boundaries are.

Senate District 60 covers all of Minneapolis east of the Mississippi River, as well as some areas just across the river from the U, including the Cedar-Riverside area and a portion of the Seward neighborhood. Like all Minnesota State Senate Districts, it is split into two House Districts, an ‘A’ side and a ‘B’ side.

Senate District 60 Map (PDF)
House District 60A Map (PDF)
House District 60B Map (PDF)

The Citywide ward map has rough information on Wards and Precincts. Senate District 60 includes all of Minneapolis Ward 1 and portions of Wards 2, 3 and 6.

The Park and School Board District Map has the boundaries for the districts used to elect some of the members of the school board and park board (both boards have one member elected from each district, and as of 2013, will have three members of each board elected citywide). Senate District 60 includes all of District 1 and part of District 3.

The county commissioner map shows which commissioner district you live in. Senate District 60 includes parts of County Districts 2 and 4. Within SD60, they did follow the House District lines, so it is relatively simple for us: If you live in 60A, you are in County Commissioner District 2. If you live in 60B, you are in County Commissioner District 4.

All of Senate District 60 is located in the 5th Congressional District (CD5). Here is the CD5 Map.

Last but not least is the Hennepin Conservation District Board Supervisor Districts, from which we elect Soil and Water Supervisors. All of SD60 is located in District 1. Here is the complete map.