Central Committee Meeting

MN DFL SD60 Central Committee Meeting
4/26/17, 7:00pm
University Lutheran Church of Hope
601 13th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN  55414


1.      Introductions
2.      Approval of 4/26/17 Agenda
3.      Approval of 3/29/17 Minutes
4.      Legislative Update from SD60 Elected Officials
Not Currently Running for Office
5.      Financial Report, Seth Zawila, Treasurer
6.      MN DFL SD60 Fundraising Committee, Patrek Lundstrom, Committee Chair
7.      SD60 Web Site Text
8.      SD60 Presence at May 21, 2017 MY DFL Convention at U of M
9.      Nomination of Additional MN DFL SD60 Directors
10.     Regularly Scheduled Monthly Meetings for SD60
11.     Announcements
12.     Adjourn